In this edition of CSQ we need some photos or drawings.

So if any snappers want to donate their work, I’d be looking for photos of village cricket in England, Sri Lankan players, security guards at the cricket, Paul Collingwood or just something so cool that I have to put it in there.

If you are the artist type, i’d love to have a topical drawing at the front like the Shahid Afridi picture that 668 gave us last time.

While we still want to be a wordy mag, we like to have pictures too.

So if you have any email them to




One day I hope to employ people to do the jobs I don’t want to do. But for now I am the editor of said journal.

So if you have sent a piece in and haven’t received an email back, it is because I am knee deep in verbs and shit.

I am getting through it, so the mag could still be out around the 15th of Jun, but at worse will be out by the end of June.

If you have any submissions for the next issue, just hold them until I ask for them, if only because I might lose them.

I’ll try keep this space updated coming up to the release date.



Yo Saders,

For those who have not yet sent through their latest masterpiece, you have until Sunday the 2nd of May to get your thing of beauty and joy forever to me.

For those who already have, and haven’t heard back from me, it isn’t because I hate you, it is because I was Volcanic ashed in and since then have been snowed in. I will get back to those who have sent me their work though, i promise.


For those wanting to send in an article for the next issue, the deadline is 1st of may, and the magazine will be available from the 15th of June, so keep that in mind when you are writing.

Sales of the first issue are going well.

For those I who want to spread the good word of the magazine, I have devised a press release that you can send out to people in the media that you know.

Hey there,

I’m sure you get a lot of nonsense in your email box thing about new cricket products that are endorsed by some dude who once took a 3fer into a gale at Cape Town, so I won’t bore you with details of my new cricket magazine.

It is called the cricket sadists’ monthly (until it changes to Quarterly due to a lack of funds). It isn’t like other cricket magazines, but you probably guessed that by the title. The magazine was edited by me, Jarrod Kimber, because I wanted a cricket magazine that was aimed at sickos like me.

I like it. Most people who have read it, like it. You might like it.

If I were to channel my inner publicist I’d say something like, “The magazine is way more eccentric and eclectic than a normal sports magazine. There is a fictional story about the last game of cricket ever played, dietary advice from former test bowler Iain O’Brien, a story on BBC score Malcolm Ashton, a spoof where are they now on New Zealand cricketers from the 80s, a philosophical debate on Trumper Vs Bradman and a tribute to not watching Sachin Tendulkar. “

The Monthly (soon to be Quarterly) is available worldwide through (, the price of a print copy is £2.50 (plus postage and handling), but there is also a download version for £1.50.

If you have any questions about the magazine feel free to email us at

Been a pleasure

Jarrod Kimber

The first ever issue of the Cricket Sadists’ Monthly now exists.

At the moment the mag is available for 2 Pounds to buy in book form, and 1.25 Pounds in download form.

This is a special price for all those who worked on the Mag or have followed us on here, twitter or facebook.

On April 1st the price goes up to 2.50 and 1.25 for everyone else.

Thanks to everyone for working on this, and those who supported the idea.

Now, go, buy, read, love.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

This could be the last monthly edition of the magazine.

And the first.

With less than a week to go for the submissions deadline I have 3 pieces submitted.

I can’t really run a magazine for 3 pieces.

Perhaps all the submissions I received for the first were out of excitement.

I’ll still be using the first edition to try and get money and excitement so that people can be paid, but it just means that the next mag won’t be out until June or July.

Oh, and the name will be the cricket sadists’ quarterly.

So please still send through any submissions, but just realise that it won’t be out till late in June at the earliest.

The first mag is all finished except for a fuck up with the cover I did, but it will definitely be available from April 1.

For anyone who has sent in an article for the first issue, please leave your URL in the comment section so I can put it into the partners page.

All articles have been accepted, except for one by someone who sent two in.

For the next issue not everything will make it, mostly just to keep the costs of production down.

The magazine is coming on well, we are just tweaking the design now, and at this stage it will make its release date on April 1.

The first issue is not going to look supercool (although way better than anything I imagined), but my designer has told me that the second one will be.

That is right, we have a designer.

It might not look like much, but I like it.

Dates for Next Issue

Magazine available in March

Next Submission Deadline is 30 January

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