The cricket sadist’s monthly is an unglossy gritty cricket magazine made by semi professionals and highly skilled amateurs.

It is printed on demand, well it will be when the first copy gets pressed, it will aslo be available to download.

It will not be like other cricket magazines out there, it will have swear words, will not be for those of faint dispositions and will have genuine opinions. There are already many cricket magazines aimed at children and people who like glossy pages, we are different.

This magazine is deisgned for the cricket sadist who spends much of their time inflicting pain on their family and friends life with talking about cricket, thinking abdout cricket, watching cricket and reading about cricket.

If you are a cricket fan who just likes to know what your country’s team is upto, this is not for you. This is for the complete cricket fan, every aspect of cricket will be covered here.

No agendas or quotas, just people writing about cricket.

No one gets paid to work on the magazine, there are no ads (yet), just people who love cricket putting together a new cricket magazine that will focus on the game of cricket enough to sate the appetite of even the most depraved cricket sadist.

If you want to submit have a look at our guidelines.

If you want to read, we are stupidly hopeful for a 1st of April deadline. No joke.

The magazine is edited and run by Jarrod Kimber of cricket with balls. He  thought it would be cool if he hooked up all the out of work, or never have worked, cricket writers in the world and put them into a cheap internationally available cricket publication.  He now realises that magazines take a lot of work.