OK Sadists, the current issue is actually selling, and that always pleases me.

But now we need to look beyond. Way beyond.

To November, in fact.

The 15th of November.

So if you want to write for this issue, I need your piece by the 15th of October at the latest. The LATEST.

The four obvious topics are Spot Fixing, the Ashes, Champion’s League and India Vs Australia.

You can write about anything, but these four subjects must be covered.

If you are writing about India Vs Australia don’t give me a match report.  I don’t want or need one.  But you will have until the 18th of October to send something in.

Pictures and drawings are always wanted.

So if you have something, send it through to cwb@cricketwithballs.com.

The earlier the piece means less work for me, which means more chance your piece will make it in.

Get crackin.