For those I who want to spread the good word of the magazine, I have devised a press release that you can send out to people in the media that you know.

Hey there,

I’m sure you get a lot of nonsense in your email box thing about new cricket products that are endorsed by some dude who once took a 3fer into a gale at Cape Town, so I won’t bore you with details of my new cricket magazine.

It is called the cricket sadists’ monthly (until it changes to Quarterly due to a lack of funds). It isn’t like other cricket magazines, but you probably guessed that by the title. The magazine was edited by me, Jarrod Kimber, because I wanted a cricket magazine that was aimed at sickos like me.

I like it. Most people who have read it, like it. You might like it.

If I were to channel my inner publicist I’d say something like, “The magazine is way more eccentric and eclectic than a normal sports magazine. There is a fictional story about the last game of cricket ever played, dietary advice from former test bowler Iain O’Brien, a story on BBC score Malcolm Ashton, a spoof where are they now on New Zealand cricketers from the 80s, a philosophical debate on Trumper Vs Bradman and a tribute to not watching Sachin Tendulkar. “

The Monthly (soon to be Quarterly) is available worldwide through (, the price of a print copy is £2.50 (plus postage and handling), but there is also a download version for £1.50.

If you have any questions about the magazine feel free to email us at

Been a pleasure

Jarrod Kimber