That is at the top in capitals so you wont miss it. We would love to pay you, but with no money we find this tough. The cricket sadist’s monthly is not a profitable enterprise; Uncle Rupert Murdoch is not secretly backing us, so if you want to send us your magnificent 2000 word essay on the arc of Venkatapathy Raju’s orthodox delivery, you’ll just have to accept that it wont get you any money.

It will get you published in the least known new cricket magazine there is.

We want anything about cricket. Articles, jokes, illustrations, photos, poems, and stories. Whatever you have.

It doesn’t mean you’ll get printed, but we will accept the submission. If you don’t want the entire piece out, send us the first couple of paragraphs and the detailed gist, and we’ll tell you if we want more.

Don’t think because you are from some minnow place like Canada or New Zealand we won’t accept it, we want all the cricket world to be represented. Men, women, intersex, children, old men with lazy eyes and cricketers.

Important things:

  • When you are writing your obviously glorious opus please try and entertain. We want to learn something, but we also want to stay awake long enough to do so.
  • You must also understand that as this is a magazine you need to think about whether your piece is going to be relevant in 4-6 weeks time when it is most likely to go to print.
  • We only want original pieces, don’t steal from others because that sucks, but we also don’t want your hand me downs from other magazines or websites. Your piece can include a small portion from your previous work, but not all of it.
  • Don’t fret if we don’t take your submission. We are new to this, and we might miss your genius, or, we may just not like it personally. Chin up, writing is about rejection. Trust me.
  • Photographers and illustrators must remember that we are printing in budget black & white.

So if you think you have what it takes to write for no money and with passion, email your submissions to cwb@cricketwithballs.com

Thanks to everyone for their submissions.