There are a few cricket magazines out there.  Mostly they are glossy buggers with the cricket writing elite churning out interviews with Stuart Broad and Yuvraj Singh.

There is nothing wrong with them, but we are different.

Our pages are black and white, and we are almost completely glossless.  There will be no interviews with the cricket elite about how they prepare for T20 games.  The cricket boards will not be lining up to help us.

We also have no elite writers.

Our magazine is cricket bloggers, enthusiastic amateurs, and freelance (unemployed) journalists.

It won’t be stuff, there will be no English or Indian bias, and there can be no worry of upsetting our bosses.  Just people writing about cricket.

Everyone who writes for us does it for passion and the honour of being a published writer.  Because, at the moment, there is no money.

We have no ads and are starting with no capital, so that no one, not even our creator/editor/me, gets paid.

The magazine will start of as 100% cricket content.  With in depth articles on cricket matters, whimsical nonsense, poems, drawings, and just a whole ass load of cricket.

Our aim is produce a cricket magazine like nothing you have ever read before, 100% cricket for the true cricket sadist who needs their fix.

We are hoping to have on and offline versions available from the 1st of April.  No foolin’.