It seems that the Cricket Sadist has had a massive collapse.  Some think it has choked under the pressure, others think it just had a weak middle order, we’ll never get to the bottom of it.

After three issues we have nothing left.

The latest issue had just 3 submissions, and while I tried to expand each one to be 17 pages of in-depth analysis with piss taking, I couldn’t do it.

Instead I have to face the cold hearted facts that I have no idea what I’m doing, have no money to waste, and no time to troll the internet looking for unknown writers who are breathlessly brilliant and want to write for free.

I’d like to thank everyone who helped.

Especially Soph and Sally for all their hard work.

If you haven’t read the latest copy, I think you should.

I’m still quite proud of the product I got out there, and I still believe cricket needs a no holds barred magazine to look at the game deeply, but the Sadist isn’t it.

If you bought a copy, you’re probably going to get mad sex in whatever after life you believe in.

The CSQ is dead, long live the CSQ.



Due to a mistake from our editor, me, there was no editorial information in the latest edition.

Yes, I’m an idiot, I also lost a couple of pieces I wanted in the mag.


So here is the editorial information:

The Cricket Sadists’ Quarterly team

Editor: Jarrod Kimber

Sub-Editor: Soph Murday.

Cover and Interior Design:  Sally Ridgeway

Photos: Sarah Ansell

Bowden drawing: SixSixEight

So a big apology to all the people on this list, except the editor, who is a massive idiot.

Buy the mag. Download the mag.

After 3 submissions came in for the first few months, I pleaded for work, and then had way more submissions than I’ve ever had.

It was very tough to get rid of some, but these are the one’s I’ve chosen.

Here it is, I’ll have the details shortly, but for now, take a look at the cover and click on it if you want to buy.

Thanks for everyone’s submissions, I’ll have who did and didn’t make the cut up shortly.

Thank you to everyone who submitted.

It was more than I thought I’d get, so I am very happy.

If you have submitted, and I haven’t got back to you, I will.

The magazine is going to be available on the 20th of November.

Now, I must go and finish this bastard.

For those who are running late, so am I.

These two tests between Australia and India have gotten us behind.

Plus the office cat, spartacus, has been very demanding on our time as well.

So, the deadline is now 20 October.

Please make sure you get me something by then if you intend to get me something.


For those who have submitted something without me replying, I will soon, just getting my reading beanie on now.

Enjoy sadism.

OK Sadists, the current issue is actually selling, and that always pleases me.

But now we need to look beyond. Way beyond.

To November, in fact.

The 15th of November.

So if you want to write for this issue, I need your piece by the 15th of October at the latest. The LATEST.

The four obvious topics are Spot Fixing, the Ashes, Champion’s League and India Vs Australia.

You can write about anything, but these four subjects must be covered.

If you are writing about India Vs Australia don’t give me a match report.  I don’t want or need one.  But you will have until the 18th of October to send something in.

Pictures and drawings are always wanted.

So if you have something, send it through to

The earlier the piece means less work for me, which means more chance your piece will make it in.

Get crackin.

And how thankful I am.

I thought this one might never actually exist.

Now it does.

You can get it right here. To download or own in magazine form (if you don’t mind paying the postage).

You know what is in it, you know what it is called, this is what it looks like.

Please buy it, cause I think it is good.

And if you buy it, you might think it is too.

The mag is almost ready for the printers, but while you wait here is what is in the mag.

These are the articles that made the cut. Sorry to those who missed out, but this editing job aint no trip to Cleveland.

Change the Laws – Mac Millings

Mac thinks the game needs some changes, but gets sidetracked with a conversation between the Priors.

Fast bowling – a tribute – Mark Chalcraft

From the demon via Larwood to Curtly.

Contracts – Name Witheld

An unknown source gives us a piece on the unfair nature of Shield contracts in Australian cricket.

A Village idiots guide to Village Cricket – Mel Griffiths

Mel uses her many years being around cricket clubs to help people with fitting in.

May the force be with us – Sriram Dayanand

A look at the security guards at the grounds.

Keepers and Relationships – Sam Blackledge

Sam recounts the many failed relationships of English keeping.

My favourite player: Paul Collingwood – David Green

One of our regular features is David’s favourite players.

How to get girls to notice you: Publicity advice for Sri Lanka – Andrew Fernando

Andrew tries to sex-up Sri Lanka.

The fix is back – Jarrod Kimber

Some dickhead writes about match fixing.

My grandfather is dead – Mac Millings

Richard Hadlee killed him. Or something like that.

Cricket’s Twitter Revolution – Will Atkins

Young Will takes a look at the social micro blogging platform, and Paul Collingwood.

England wins – Richard O’Hagan

No one really expected England to win the World T20, least of all the English.

The all-time World First Class XI – Rahul Bhagchandani

A took at the greatest first class players ever.

An excerpt from ‘The Spirit of Cricket’ – Rob Smyth

Get a bit of Smyth in you.

Poor maths and irony Saffer style – Matt Wallace

Matt still can’t believe that Saffas continue to choke.

Why Pakistan is important to cricket – Jarrod Kimber

I masturbate all over Pakistan in this ‘tribute’.

The OB Files – Iain O’Brien

The man talks about demons.

For those hoping to see the mag by next week, you won’t be.

The mag is now coming out for the end of the month.

What can I say, shit happens.

Dates for Next Issue

Magazine available in March

Next Submission Deadline is 30 January

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